Volvo B10M Operator’s Manual

Specifications & Wiring Diagram

I did not have access to an English language version of the Operator's Manual. This is not a reproduction of the original English language Volvo B10M Mk I Operator's Manual. It is a synthesis of the following Volvo publications:

  1. B10M Mark I Operator's Manual, French edition.
  2. B10M Mark II Operator's Manual, TP 9029/1 English 4500. 11.85.
  3. Volvo B58 Operator's Manual, TP 2003/1 English 2500. 2.80
  4. Volvo Service Bulletin 3-37-18, Wiring diagram for B10M from Chassis No. 503, May 1980

It does not include any official Volgren coachwork information.

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78 Data plates


When contacting the dealer concerning your bus, or when ordering stock parts, always quote the chassis type designation and the serial number. In the matter of the engine, gearbox or rear axle, the designations and serial numbers should also be stated.

Volvo B10M Mk I Data plate locations
  1. The chassis type and serial number are stamped on a plate at the very front of the left-hand frame member.
  2. The engine type designation, part number and serial number are stamped on the top of the engine block behind the injection pump.
  3. Type description and serial number of the gearbox:
    Voith automatic transmissions: on a plate attached to the upper surface of the gearbox.
    ZF and Allison automatic transmissions: on the right-hand side of the gearbox
    ZF manual: the type designation and serial number are stamped on a plate fixed on the left side of the gearbox.
  4. The final drive part number, serial number and reduction ratio are stamped on a plate on the right-hand side of rear axle casing.

The plate showing the vehicle's Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM): comes with the chassis


79 Specifications



To meet the needs of technicians, and to nationally standardize measurements a system was finally established in 1960 and was given the name SI (System International d'Unites).

The Volvo Corporation has been introducing the SI-units into its new publications since 1972. Up to the time of its exclusive use, the SI-unit will be indicated first followed by the former unit in brackets. The largest new units are:

Output is given kilowatts (kW) instead of horsepower (hp)
100 kW = 135 h.p.

Force is given in Newton (N) instead of kilograms force (kgf).
100 N = 10 kp.

Torque is given in Newtonmetres (Nm) instead of metres-kilograms (
100 Nm = 10 kpm.

Speed is given in revs per second (r/s) instead of revs per minute (r/min).
100 r/s = 6,000 r/min.

Pressure (in fluids and gases) is given in kiloPascals (kPa) instead of bars.


80 Specifications


Length measurements in mm B10M-55 B10M-60 B10M-65
Wheelbase 5,500 6,000 6,500
Overall chassis length 9,600 10,100 10,600
Front overhang 2.450 2.450 2.450
Rear overhang 1,650 1,650 1,650
Turning circle diameter
(outer front wheel), in metres (with air suspension)
17.4 18.4 19.8


Width measurements in mm Wheels
7.5 x 20"
8.0 x 20"
8.25 x 22.5"
Maximum width 2,500 2,500 2,500
Track Front 2,027 2,027 2,027
Track rear 1,820 1,820 1,820
Overall width over front wheels 2,455 2,455 2,455
Overall width over rear wheels 2,429 2,448 2,447


Weight in kg B10M-55 B10M-60 B10M-65
Maximum front axle capacity 6,500 6,500 6,500
Maximum rear axle capacity 10,000 10,000 10,000
Maximum total weight
Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM)
16,500 16,500 16,500


81 Specifications


Designation THD100 DA THD100 DC THD100 DD
Output @ Speed (ISO 2534*) 133 kW @ 37 r/s
(180 HP @ 2,200 rpm)
178 kW @ 37 r/s
(242 HP @ 2,200 rpm)
203 kW @ 37 r/s
(276 HP @ 2,200 rpm)
Torque @ Speed (ISO 2534*) 620 Nm @ 23 r/s
(620 Nm @ 1,400 rpm)
886 Nm @ 23 r/s
(886 Nm @ 1,400 rpm)
940 Nm @ 23 r/s
(940 Nm @ 1,400 rpm)
Number of cylinders 6
Bore 120.65 mm
Stroke 140 mm
Displacement 9.6 dm3 (litres)
Compression ratio 15:1
Idle speed
Comment: probable Volvo typo
7.9 - 8.8 r/s
(47.5 - 52.5 rpm)
Maximum speed 40.8 - 42.5 r/s
(2,450 - 2,550 rpm)
Valve system Overhead
Valve clearance, engine cold
inlet valves 0.70 mm
outlet valves 0.70 mm

*) Gross output and torque set at factory in accordance with BSAU 141a, ISO 2534 and SAE J270. Smoke requirements as per BSAU 141a, ECE reg, 24, Federal Register and Swedish requirements.

Lubrication system

Oil filter Paper filter, throw-away type
Oil pressure, engine warm 300-500 kPa (3-5 bars)
Oil pressure, idling, minimum 50 kPa (0.5 bar)
Oil capacity approx. 30 litres
Lubricant, type Service CD (MIL-L-2104 C)
Viscosity, below -10°C
or when cold-starting difficulties can be anticipated
SAE 10 W, SAE 10 W/20, SAE 10 W/30 or SAE 15 W/40*
between -10°C and +20°C SAE 20 W/20 or SAE 20 W/30 or SAE 15 W/40
above +20°C SAE 30 or SAE 20 W/30 or SAE 15 W/40

*) SAE 15 W/40 only to be used to -20°C.


82 Specifications

Fuel system THD100 DA THD100 DC THD100 DD
Injection pump, Bosch PE 6P 110 A 320
RS 138
PE 6P 110 A 320
RS 229Z
PE 6P 110 A 320
RS 229Z
Injection pump, direction of rotation viewed from its coupling end Clockwise Clockwise Clockwise
Injection sequence 1-5-3-6-2-4 1-5-3-6-2-4 1-5-3-6-2-4
Timing 23-24° B.T.D.C. 23-24° B.T.D.C. 23-24° B.T.D.C.
Fuel pump, Bosch FP K22 P9 FP K22 P9 FP K22 P9
Feed pressure 60-100 kPa
(0.6-1.0 bar)
60-100 kPa
(0.6-1.0 bar)
60-100 kPa
(0.6-1.0 bar)
Govenor, Bosch or WIX RQV 250-1 100
PA 401/2R
RQV 250-1 100
PA 427/2R
RQV 250-1 100
PA 427/2R
Volvo reference 466987-5 466987-5 466987-5
Injector, holder, Bosch KBL 112 S 21/13 KBL 112 S 21/13 KBAL 112 S 45/4
Injector, nozzle, Bosch DLLA 150 S 178 DLLA 150 S 178 DLLA 150 S 762
Injector, opening pressure 17,5 MPa
(175 bars)
17,5 MPa
(175 bars)
17,5 MPa
(175 bars)
Fuel tank capacity
180 litres
2x100 litres
300 litres
180 litres
2x100 litres
300 litres
180 litres
2x100 litres
300 litres

Fuel (diesel fuel oil)

Standards SIS 155432, DIN 51601, CEC-ERF-D1 or ASTM-D 975-No 2-D
Firing response (cetane number) minimum 45
Sulphur 0.5 weight % maximum

To counteract parafin wax deposits and ensure good startability in very cold weather, it is recommended to use the special fuel for winter. Alternatively to counteract parafin wax deposits you can also mix a minimum of 25% kerosene (paraffin oil) and up to 40% maximum. A greater percentage than this will cause wear problems because the lubricating ability of the fuel will be reduced.

The mixture of diesel oil is forbidden by law in some countries. If this is the case with regard to your market, use the additive approved by the authorities.

Cooling system

Type Pressurised
Pressure valve opens at 50 kPa (0.5 bar)
Thermostats for cooling system (3) type Wax
Thermostats marked 76 (one)
81 (two)
starts opening at 76°C and 81°C
fully open at 86°C and 91°C


83 Specifications


Voltage 24V
Battery capacity 150Ah / 190Ah
Number of batteries Two at 12V
Specific Gravity of battery electrolyte:  
Fully charged battery 1.28
Battery should be re-charged at 1.23
Alternator 1.7 kW, 2.2 kW or 3.4 kW (60A, 80A or 120A)
Starter motor, output 4.5 kW (6 HP)


Type Single plate
Dimension 420 mm


ZF S6-80 and ZF S6-80/GV80 (split), manual gearbox

Gear ratio ZF S6-80 ZF S6-80/GV80 split
1st gear 7.41:1 8.90/7.50:1
2nd gear 4.27:1 5.13/4.32:1
3rd gear 2.75:1 3.06/2.58:1
4th gear 1.84:1 2.07/1.74:1
5th gear 1.24:1 1.41/1.18:1
6th gear 1.00:1 1.00/0.84:1
Reverse 6.96:1 8.37/7.05:1
Lubricant Gearbox oil API-GL-4
Viscosity, below -10° C SAE 80 W/901
between -10°C and +30° C SAE 80 W/902 ou SAE 902
above +30° C SAE 140 ou SAE 85 W/140
Oil change quantity Approx. 13 litres for ZF S6-80
Approx. 15 litres for ZF S6-80/GV-80
1) SAE 75 W is recommended in extremely cold conditions.
2) In the case of very arduous operation or long periods at high altitudes of more than 2,000 metres above sea level, SAE 140 or SAE 85 W/140 is recommended.

Voith 851 automatic transmission

Gear ratios, hydraulic stage 5.05 to 1.36:1
  2nd stage 1.36:1
  3rd stage 1.00:1
  Reverse 4.52:1
Lubricant ATF-oil type DEXRON II
Oil capacity Approx. 23 litres


84 Specifications

ZF 4 HP 500 et ZF 5 HP 500 automatic transmissions

  ZF 4 HP 500 ZF 5 HP 500
Reduction ratios, torque converter 2.4:1 2.4:1
1st stage 2.81:1 2.81:1
2nd stage 1.84:1 1.84:1
3rd stage 1.36:1 1.36:1
4th stage 1.00:1 1.00:1
5th stage - 0.80:1
Reverse 3.97:1 3.97:1
Lubricant Engine oil SAE 10 W, API Service CC, CD, SC, SD ou SE (MIL-L-2104 C)
Oil change quantity Approx. 15 litres (In case of refilling a dry transmission, oil cooler included - approx. 30 litres)

Allison MT 643, MT 644 and MT 654 CR automatic transmissions

  MT 643 MT 644 MT 654 CR
Reduction ratios in torque converter 1.8:1 2.2:1 2.2:1
1st stage 3.58:1 3.58:1 4.17:1
2nd stage 2.09:1 2.09:1 2.21:1
3rd stage 1.39:1 1.39:1 1.66:1
4th stage 1.00:1 1.00:1 1.27:1
5th stage - - 1.00:1
Reverse 5.67:1 5.67:1 10.76:1
Lubricant ATF-oil type DEXRON II
Oil change quantity approx. 13 litres 13 litres 14 litres


Gear ratio, EV 80 B1 3.78:1, 4.30:1. 4.87:1, 5.43:1 or 6.14:1
EV 85 B2 3.78:1, 4.25:1, 4.87:1, 5.43:1 or 6.17:1
Lubricant API-GL-5 (MIL-L-2105 A ou C)
Viscosity, below -10° C SAE 80 W/90 or SAE 80 W/140
-10°C - +30° C SAE 90 or SAE 80 W1903
above +30° C SAE 140 or SAE 85 W/140
Oil change quantity EV 80 B Approx. 9.5 litres
EV 85 B Approx. 12 litres
1) For buses with two axles
2) For articulated buses
3) In the case of very arduous operation or long periods at high altitudes of more than 2,000 metres above sea level, SAE 140 or SAE 85 W/140 is recommended.


85 Specifications


Toe-in) 0-3 mm
Camber 1.5°
King-pin inclination


Make and Model ZF-8045
Reduction ratio, total 22.7:1
Pump pressure, maximum 100 bars
Lubricant ATF-oil type DEXRON II
Oil change quantity Approx. 0.5 litre


Rims 7.5 x 20" 8.0 x 20" 8.25 x 22.5"
Tyres 11.00-20" 11.00-20" 12-22.5"

NOTE: The tyre pressure must be adapted to the type of coach body which the bus has and the load on the respective axles.



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88 Index

Air cleaner22
Air pressure, brake system74
Air reservoirs, brake system74
Automatic transmission,driving28, 31, 34
lubricant56, 58, 60
oil change57, 59, 61
reduction ratios83, 84
Batteries70, 71
Bleed valves, compressed air reservoirs74
cooling system66
Bleeding, fuel system69
Blocking valve9
Brakes, checking for air leaks74
Brakes, maintenance74
Bulbs, changing71
Changing, bulbs71
Chassis number78
Cold starting24, 51
Compressed-air brakes, maintenance74
Compressed-air guage8
Compressed-air tanks74
Cooling system64
Daily checks50
Diesel fuel68, 82
Differential locking37
Direction indicator lever13
Driving tips (some advice)41
Electrical system, description70
Electrolyte level, battery71
Engine, cooling system64
fuel system68
oil change53
Exhaust brake9, 26
Expansion tank, cooling system64
Filters, fuel system69, 82
lubrication system53, 81
Final drive, lubricant62
oil change62
reduction ratios84
Fire warning system21, 75
Fuel filter69, 82
Fuel guage17
Fuel system68, 69
Gear ratios, final drive84
gearbox83, 84
Gear lever carrier55
Gear-changing26, 26, 27, 28, 31, 34
Hand control, parking brake8
Hand throttle17
Headlight flasher13
Headlight washers and headlight wipers13
Ignition switch - start7
Indicator/warning lamps, battery charge12
direction indicators13
engine air temperature14
full beams13
luggage doors15
oil, gearbox16
rear view mirror heating14
reversing lights15
Injection pump69, 82
Instrument panel lighting17
Instruments and controls4
Lubricating oil, final drive62
steering gear54, 56, 58, 60
Lubricating oil filter53
Lubricating, chassis64
Lubrication, all-round64
Maintenance plan44
Manual transmission, driving26
oil change55
Measures in case of fire21
Mirrors, electrically heated14
Model number78


89 Index

Oil, final drive62
steering gear54, 56, 58, 60
Oil filter, engine53, 81
power steering63
Oil pressure, engine10, 81
Parking brake8
Power steering63
Procedure before starting23
Pressure-drop indicator22
Pressure regulation74
Retarder electromagnetic20, 29, 33, 37
Service, after sales42, 43
Starter heater12, 24
Starting the engine24
Steering, lubricant63
oil check63
State of charge, batteries83
Stop control button7
Stopping the engine26
Tachograph18, 19
Temperature guage11
Towing38, 39
Transmission, gearbox operation26, 27, 28, 31, 34
lubricant54, 56, 58, 60
oil change54, 56, 58, 60
reduction ratios83, 84
Turning circle diameter80
Tyre inflation40
Tyre inflation valve38, 40
Tyres, dimensions85
inflation pressure76
Warming up25
Warning lamps, see "Indicator/warning lamps"
Wheels, changing77
twin mounting77
Windscreen washer13
Windscreen wipers13


90 Lubricating scheme


Volvo B10M Mk I Engine oil symbol ENGINE OIL
Quality For Service CD
viscosity: below -10°C or when cold-starting difficulties can be anticipated SAE 10 W or SAE 10 W/20 or SAE 15 W/40 or SAE 10 W/30
between -10°C and +20°C SAE 20 W/20 or SAE 20 W/30 or SAE 15 W/40
above +20°C SAE 30 or SAE 20 W/30 or SAE 15 W/40
Volvo B10M Mk I Final drive symbol FINAL DRIVE
Quality API-GL-5 or 6
viscosity: below -10°C SAE 80 W/90 or 80 W/140
between -10°C and +30°C SAE 90 or 80 W/901
above +30° C SAE 140 or 85 W/140
Volvo B10M Mk I Gearbox oil symbol GEARBOX OIL
Quality API-GL-4 for ZF gearbox,
API-GL-1 for K 19
viscosity: below -10°C SAE 80 W/902 (or 80 W for K19)
between -10°C and +30°C SAE 90 or 80 W/901
above +30° C SAE 140 (or 85 W/140 for ZF)
Volvo B10M Mk I Lubricant symbol LUBRICANT
see the respective note after the chart
Volvo B10M Mk I Brake fluid symbol BRAKE FLUID, SAE J 1703 (DOT 3 or 4)

1) In the case of very arduous operation or long periods of operation at high altitudes of more than 2,000 metres above sea level, SAE 140 or SAE 85 W/140 is recommended instead of SAE 90 or SAE 80 W/90 respectively.

2) SAE 75 W is recommended in extremely cold conditions for ZF gearbox, SAE 80 W for K 19

Engine, incl. oil filter approx. 30 litres
Transmissions,ZF S6-80, manual approx. 13 litres
 ZF S6-80/GV80, manual approx. 15 litres
 Voith 851 automatic transmission approx. 23 litres
 ZF 4 HP 500, ZF 5 HP 500, fully automatic approx. 15 litres
 Allison MT643, MT644, fully automatic approx. 13 litres
 Allison MT 654, fully automatic approx. 14 litres
Final driveEV80B approx. 9.5 litres
 EV85B approx. 12 litres
Power-assisted steering approx. 5 litres


91 Lubricating scheme



Lubrication* and level checks: 5,000 km

Oil, grease and filter changes: See respective note after chart.

Volvo B10M Mk I Lubricating scheme

Notes to lubricating scheme

Note 1 Lubricate the moving parts on the brake valve pedal shaft with some drops of engine oil.
Note 2 Grease with 3 grammes temperature-resistant grease (e.g. SHELL Alvania 2 or SHELL Dolium R or corresponding) every 80,000 km.
Note 3 Grease sparingly with universal grease in lithium base.
Note 4 Fill the lubricator and screw it down so hard that it does not loosen.
Note 5 On buses with electric retarder, four.
Note 6 On buses with electric retarder, four.
Note 7 On buses with electric retarder, one under the retarder.
Note 8 Check that the container is half way full of fluid. Top-up if necessary by referring to Page 64.
Note 9 Change the filter every 80,000 km. When topping-up, use ATF-oil, type DEXRON II.
Note 10 Use ATF-oil.
Note 11 Change the oil every 80,000 km or once a year. Use gear oil SAE 90.
Note 12 The grease in the wheel bearings must only be replaced in connection with work on the bearings or if dirt has got in when the bearings are exposed. Clean the bearings and hub thoroughly and grease in according to the instructions in the Service Manual with a long-life grease for wheel bearings, that is so to say lubricating grease with a lithium-lead base and NLGI No. 2 consistency.
Note 13 Check the oil level when filling with fuel. Change the oil and filter every 10,000 km.
Note 14 Check the oil level. Change the oil every 40,000 km or at least once per year.
Note 15 Concerning oil and oil-change intervals, see Pages 64-67.
Note 16 Check the oil level. Change the oil every 40,000 km or at least once per year.

*) Lubricating interval: 5,000 km if lubricating grease on lithium base with EP-additive and consistency NLGI No. 2, e.g., molybdenum desulphide grease is used. The interval is 2,500 km if, for example, chassis grease is used.


92 Wiring diagram


Note: Applicable for Chassis Numbers 503 through 4853 without Service Bulletin 3-38-08.

The letters and numbers in parentheses represent the coordinates of the component part.

 BatteryG2, G3
6Connector, 6-unit 
12Connector, 12-unit 
20Connector, 37-unit 
32Circuit card, electrical distribution centreF3
33Circuit card, indicator/warning lightsA2
37Terminal, earth connection 
52Fuse holder, 2-unitG1
53Fuse holder, 3-unitG3
60Fuse holder, 14-unitF1
100Switch, headlightsK2
101Switch, fullbeams and dipped beamsB1
115Switch, instrument panel lightC1
119Switch, windscreen wipersB1
120Switch, windscreen washerB1
123Switch, heated rearview mirrorK2
125Switch, exhaust brakeC3
126Switch, diff. lock, wheels, rearC2
144Switch, main circuit switch at batteriesG2
147Switch, direction indicatorsB1
149Switch, hornB1
150Switch, starter switchB2
151Switch, eddy-retarderD2
153Switch, starter heaterC1
159Switch, bulb failure warning lightC1
160Switch, stop engineC2
161Switch, cold startC1
175Switch, level controlC1
176Switch, splitter gearboxC3
177Switch, el. main circuit switch at batteriesK3
195Selector lever, AllisonK1
200Break contact, warning light, parking brakeC1
202Break contact, warning light, oil pressureH2
207Closing contact, indicator light, diff. lock, rear wheelsJ3
215Closing contact, warning light, tachographC2
216Closing contact, stop lightsC1
217Closing contact, reversing lightsJ2
222Closing contact, warning light, temp. torque converterH2
223Slip contact, hornA1
233Closing contact, warning light, coolantK2
238Closing contact, thermalH2
248Closing contact, engine compartment temp.H2
251Break contact, splitter gearboxK1
305Relay, reversing lightsK2
306Relay, fullbeamsE2
307Relay, dipped beamsE2
309Relay, parking lightsE2
312Relay, starter heaterF3
316Relay, solenoid, starter motorG1
320Relay, main circuit switch at batteriesG2
322Relay, coolant levelE2
323To flasher unitK2
325Step relay, fullbeams and dipped beamsE3
328Charging regulatorG2
331Relay, eddy-retarderJ2
333Time relay, starter heaterE3
334Relay, hornE1
342Relay, main circuit switch at batteriesH3
345Relay, start inhibitorE1
349Relay, battery charging warning lightE1
351Relay, cold startG1
354Relay, starting positionE1
361Relay, operation of main circuit switch at batteriesF2
383Relay, engine compartment fanG1
381Relay, splitter gearboxC3
400Bulb, fullbeams and dipped beamsK2
408Bulb, parking light (left, front)K2
409Bulb, parking light (right, front)K2
431Bulb, instrument panel lightK2
500Indicator light, dir. indicator, tractorB2
503Warning light, oil pressure, engineB3
504Indicator light, fullbeamsB2
505Warning light, battery chargingB3
507Warning light, service brakesB2
508Warning light, parking brakeB3
512Warning light, temp. torque converterB3
523Warning light, tachographC2
526Indicator light, eddy-retarderB2
528Indicator light, starter heaterB3
530Indicator light, heated rearview mirrorB2
532Indicator light, reversing lightsB3
540Warning light, oil levelB3
541Warning light, gearbox temp.B3
542Warning light, door brakeB3
543Warning light, lids, luggage and engine compartmentsB2
544Warning light, engine compartment temp.B2
545Indicator light, STOP, bus stopB2
546Warning light, opening doorsB2
547Central warning for indicator and warning lightsD1
554Warning light, coolant temp.B2
555Warning light, coolant levelB3
601Solenoid valve, diff. lock, rear wheelsJ1
603Solenoid valve, engine stopJ1
629Solenoid valve, cold startJ1
642Solenoid valve, splitter gearboxJ1
643Solenoid valve, level controlJ2
650Windscreen wiper motorK2
651Windscreen washer motorK2
654Starter motorH2
655Alternator 60A/80AH3
660Alternator and charging regulator 120AH3
665Engine compartment fanH2
704Pressure gauge, airC1
707Fuel gaugeC1
753Speed sender, engineH1
756Temperature sender, coolantH1
757Fuel gauge senderH1
758Speed sender, gearboxH1
762Oil temperature sender, gearboxH1
763Level sender, oilH2
800Starter heaterF3
807Eddy retarder controlD2
810Electrically heated air drierJ2
903DiodeF2, D2
950Electric coils, eddy-retarderJ2
1002Cable harness, tachographC2
1011Cable harness, direction indicatorsA1
1012Cable harness, windscreen wipersA1
1014Cable harness, starting switchA2
1030Cable harness, engineH1
1033Cable harness, eddy-retarderD3
1035Cable harness, diff-lockB3
1039Cable harness, splitter gearboxB3
1040Cable harness, frameG1
1052Cable harness, dashboard - electrical distribution centreD1
1053Cable harness, el. boxG1


93 Wiring diagram

Note: Applicable from Chassis Number 503 to 4853 without Service Bulletin 3-38-08.

Volvo B10M Mk I Wiring diagram

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