TP 15052/1 Volvo Service Manual

Section 7: Frame, Suspension and Wheels

Table of Contents

Group 70 General Page
Special Tools4
Group 71 Frame
Design and Function8
Service Procedures8
Measuring the frame8
Check-measuring frame's diagonal measurements and lateral straightness8
Check-measuring diagonal measurements of air-suspension members and rear axle location10
Check-measuring for frame twist and vertical straightness11
Straightening and repairing the frame12
Welding instructions12
Repairing cracks in frame12
Group 72 Spring Assembly
Leaf Springs (BLF)
Design and Function14
Service Procedures15
Replacing spring bolts and bushings15
Checking and replacing parts16
Air Suspension (LUF)
Design and Function16
Level valve18
Check valve19
Air filter20
Air spring20
Service Procedures21
Testing the function21
Level valve22
Check valve26
Air filter26
Adjusting the bellows height26
Replacing air bellows26
Replacing bushings in reaction stay28
Group 76 Shock Absorbers and Anti-Roll Bars
Design and Function32
Shock absorbers32
Anti-roll bars35
Service Procedures35
Shock absorbers35
Anti-roll bars37
Group 77 Wheels and Hubs
Design and Function38
Service Procedures40
Measuring throw on complete wheel (wheel + tyre)40
Measuring throw on rim41
Disc wheels41
Changing a disc wheel41
Changing a tyre on drop centre rim42
Changing a tyre on rim with lock ring43
Spoke wheels44
Changing a spoke wheel, single44
Changing a spoke wheel, twin45
Changing a tyre (wheel removed)46
Front wheel hubs48
Checking and adjusting front wheel bearings48
Removing front wheel hubs, replacing bearings and seals49
Installing front wheel hubs51
Rear wheel hubs51
Checking and adjusting rear wheel bearings51
Removing rear wheel hubs53
Changing rear wheel bearings and sealing rings53
Installing rear wheel hubs56
Changing wheel studs58
Illustrations (Foldouts at end of Manual)
Illustration A. Front wheel hub
Illustration B. Rear wheel hub