Component Wiring Diagram, Schematic Layout

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Service Manual TP 15192/1, Section 3, Group 37, B10M Mk II from Chassis Number 11,644

Symbol, AlternatorAlternatorSymbol, Blinking indicator lampBlinking indicator lampSymbol, BuzzerBuzzerSymbol, Cable, screenedCable, screened
Symbol, Cable, twin-woundCable, twin-woundSymbol, Connection, electrical system, bodyConnection, electrical system, bodySymbol, Connection point, fixedConnection point, fixedSymbol, Connection point, removableConnection point, removable
Symbol, Connections, mini-relayConnections, mini-relaySymbol, Contact, breakContact, breakSymbol, Contact, closingContact, closingSymbol, Control magnet with hold-in windingControl magnet with hold-in winding
Symbol, CoilCoilSymbol, DiodeDiodeSymbol, Diode, Light EmittingDiode, Light EmittingSymbol, Electronic control unitElectronic control unit
Symbol, Electric motor-driven fanElectric motor-driven fanSymbol, Electric motorElectric motorSymbol, Electronic speed connectorElectronic speed connectorSymbol, Electronic unitElectronic unit
Symbol, Flasher deviceFlasher deviceSymbol, FuseFuseSymbol, Indicator lamp with fixed lightIndicator lamp with fixed lightSymbol, Inductive senderInductive sender
Symbol, LampLampSymbol, Mechanically operated closing contact with automatic parkMechanically operated closing contact with automatic parkSymbol, Motor with two alternative positionsMotor with two alternative positionsSymbol, RelayRelay
Symbol, ResistanceResistanceSymbol, SenderSenderSymbol, Slip ringsSlip ringsSymbol, Solenoid alt. heating elementSolenoid alt. heating element
Symbol, Solenoid valveSolenoid valveSymbol, Speed senderSpeed senderSymbol, Stalk, manually on-off by pullingStalk, manually on-off by pullingSymbol, Stalk, manually on, automatic parkStalk, manually on, automatic park
Symbol, Stalk, manually on, automatic parkStalk, manually on, automatic parkSymbol, Switch, cam operatedSwitch, cam operatedSymbol, Switch, manual, on-offSwitch, manual, on-offSymbol, Switch, manual, on-off by turningSwitch, manual, on-off by turning
Symbol, Thermal release/Magnetic releaseThermal release
Magnetic release
Symbol, Time circuitTime circuitSymbol, Voltage controlVoltage control

Symbol, Example Wiring connections, Joints, Relay Contacts

+Direct connection to battery 
B+Connection across battery master switch 
T+Connection across starting switch 
8APower current 8 Amperes 
ELocation codeLocation Code
J2Connector marked J, terminal 2EElectrical centre
11BCable number. Cable area 0.75 mm2. Other cable area indicated directly after cable number (e.g. 345A/2.5)IInstrument panel
Symbol, Example of component number/location code designationComponent number
Location code
Battery box
Symbol, Power path referenceReference to other power pathCChassis
 PPedal floor