Component Wiring Diagram, Schematic Layout

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Service Manual TP 15192/1, Section 3, Group 37, B10M Mk II from Chassis Number 11,644

List of connectors for body
ElRelay 349/87aT+/16A fuse "10" with charging alternator
7Relay 345/85Inhibits starting
9Relay 308/87Brake lights
G3/6/9Relay 3028/87Reversing lights
H6/9Relay 3028/30Reversing lights
J6Relay 334/87Horn
K7Fuse "16"/8A
KV1Door contact, broken circuit with door open
2Door contact, broken circuit with door open
3Door brake
5(+) feed, out
6(+) feed, out
7(+) feed, out
8Door opener
L1Fuse "19"/8AParking lights
2Fuse "20"/8ADipped beams
3Fuse "21"/8ADipped beams
4Fuse "18"/8AParking lights
6Fuse "14"/8AFull beams
7Fuse "15"/8AFull beams
8Fuse "15"/8AFull beams
9Fuse "16"/8AFeed via K7
N8Sign illumination
P1(+) Feed during driving
S4Hazard warning flashers, stop magnet engine, etc.
T 1Extra voltage feed for full beams/dipped beams
2Headlamps, spare
4Windscreen wiper stalk, terminal 53a, wiper parking
5Windscreen wiper stalk, terminal 53b, wipers
6Windscreen wiper stalk, terminal 53, in signal to wipers
7Windscreen wiper stalk, wash
8Windscreen wiper stalk, interval
9Windscreen wiper stalk, terminal 31b, earth via stalk
U 1Direction indicator, terminal 15 (T+)
2Direction indicator, terminal 30 (B+)
3Direction indicator, terminal 49 a/c out signal from flasher unit
4Direction indicator, terminal 49a out signal from flasher unit
5Direction indicator, terminal 49 in signal to flasher unit
6Direction indicator, earth
7Direction indicator, terminal L (left)
8Direction indicator, terminal R (right)
Other connectors for body
Fuse"34"/60A(+) from battery
"17"/25A(+) from battery
" 5"/8A(+) from feed switch
VA1Lights indicator lamp, door brake
VC2(-) Lights indicator lamp, open door
4(+) Lights indicator lamp, fan
5(-) Lights indicator lamp, pram
6(-) Lights indicator lamp, open luggage compartment lid
8(+) Lights indicator lamp, rear fog lights
VD6Connection of additional buzzer P max. 1.2 W
VE1(-) Lights central warning lamp
VE3(-) Activates buzzer
5Connection via diode with cable to "VC6"
VG2(+) Lights indicator lamp, next bus stop
6Lights indicator lamp, direction indicators