Special Tools

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Volvo Bus Service and Maintenance Manual

Volvo Bus Special Tools
(999) (999) 
2780Measuring tool, bogie axle distance6670Wrench, fuel filter (diam. 80 mm)
6521Holder, dial indicator6671Wrench, oil filter (diam. 94 mm)
6049Hose, draining coolant (THD 101)6672Wrench, oil filter (diam. 108 mm)
6065Pressure gauge, for measuring fuel feed pressure6864Wrench, oil filter (diam. 120 mm)
6066Connection nipple. Used together with 60656926Pressure gauge, air system pressure (0-16 bars)
6170Toe-in instrument9618Battery case kit
6223Nipple for checking turbo pressure9677Wheel spinner
6433Connection cap for pressure tool, cooling system9695Light-beam aligner
6441Connection cap for pressure tool, cooling system (TD 60)6831Pressure drop indicator, air cleaner
8068Torque wrench for engine rankshaft9796Tachometer
6662Pressure tester, cooling system  

Volvo Bus Special Tools
Dimensions of tools for measuring brake linings (not stocked by Volvo)