Daily Inspection Routine

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Volvo Bus Service and Maintenance Manual

Daily inspection routine 5
Test driving 6
Driver's report 8
Service Maintenance Procedures 9
  Engine 10
  Electrical system 20
  Power train 23
  Brake system 28
  Steering and suspension 35
  Body 45
  Chassis lubrication 55

Daily inspection routine

Check the following: Instrument panel, indicator and warning lamps, telltale light check button/feed switch. Tachograph, if necessary change discs. Windscreen wipers, washers, fluid
 Steering wheel
 Level control
 Bogie off-loading Headlights, flashers, lighting
 Number plates
 Rearview mirrors Tyres
 Coolant level
 Engine oil level
 Rear lights, brake lights, reflectors
 Door function
 Safety equipment
 Washing, cleaning and fuelling (applies chiefly to city buses)