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Volvo Bus Service and Maintenance Manual

 Valve clearance
4 Check and if necessary adjust the valve clearance with the engine cold and switched off.
 Fuel system
5 Check the tamperproof seals on the injection pump (speed governor, smoke limiter and maximum flow).

THD100, THD101, THD102 engines

Graphic, THD100, THD101, THD102 engine cylinder layout with valves
Graphic, inlet valveInlet:0.40 mm (0.016 in)
Graphic, outlet valveExhaust:0.70 mm (0.028 in)

Valves are adjusted with the engine cold and switched off. Adjustment is done when the respective valves for the corresponding cylinders "rock", see below.

When valves "rock"
on cylinder no.
Adjust valves
on cylinder no.

Change the valve casing gaskets. Valve casing bolts torque: 1.0 kgf m. Concerning valve location, valve clearance, etc. for the TH60 and TD70/71 engines, see the respective Service Manual.

WARNING! Pull out the manual engine stop before performing this task to ensure the engine does not start.

Tamperproof seals

Engine tamperproof seal locations

The injection pump must be tamperproof sealed in such a way that it cannot be readjusted to a greater full-load flow or higher max. speed. The tamperproof sealing is done with shear-off bolts, tamperproof wire, lead seals and approved tamperproof sealing pliers. The tamperproof wire must be double-coiled inside the seal. A broken seal may be a result of unauthorized adjustment. If this is the case, test the pump according to the appropriate Diesel Test Standard.