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Volvo Bus Service and Maintenance Manual

 Air cleaner pressure-drop indicator
11 Check the pressure-drop indicator. If the window shows red, this indicates that the cleaner must be replaced. Make sure the filter housing drain hole faces downwards.
12 Connect the pressure-drop indicator to the pressure-drop tester 6831 and check the condition of the pressure-drop indicator.
 Air intake, cyclone filter
12 Check that the rubber valve is not damaged or leaks. If the valve leaks, air will flow through the valve instead of through the filter.

Do not remove the drain plug. Unscrew the plug several turns and drain until uncontaminated fuel flows out.

If the bus has several tanks, the condensation water is drained individually from each one.

Fuel tank mounting

Check-tighten the retainer bands if they show signs of movement.

Air cleaner

As far as clogging is concerned, the filter insert needs to be replaced only when the pressure-drop indicator window is fully red. Vibrations can cause cracks in the filter insert. Filter replacement is therefore recommended every 18 months, even if the window is not fully red.

For an air cleaner with double filter inserts, the inner insert only needs to be replaced at every 3rd outer filter change.

Note: The air-cleaner filter cannot be cleaned, replacement only.

Checking the pressure-drop indicator

Check to see if the indicator display is red at 500 mm (approx. 20 in) watercolumn vacuum. If OK, press the pressure-drop indicator button to reset.

If faulty, replace the pressure-drop indicator.

Remember when fitting the pressure-drop indicator to make sure it is securely tightened. There must not be any air leakage on the air cleaner's "clean" side.

Checking the air filter pressure-drop indicator