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Volvo Bus Service and Maintenance Manual

 Manual stop control
22 Check function. Lubricate if necessary.
 Idle speeds
23 Check low idle and high idle speeds.

Manual stop control

Manual stop control

Low idle adjustment

1.Run the engine warm to normal working temperature.
2.Check the rpm with the engine at low idle.
3.Adjust the low idle speed to 550-600 r/min either by tightening or loosening the throttle-arm stop screw (1).

Note: On buses equipped with an automatic transmission, test the low idle also in the "D-position". Low speed must not go below 500 r/min.

High idle adjustment

Note: The maximum speed stop is tamperproof sealed. The seal may be broken only by specially trained (authorized) mechanics.

1.Before the engine is started, check that the throttle arm is against the high idle stop screw (2). (Also see instructions under the heading "Mechanical throttle control", on 16.)
2.Run the engine warm to normal working temperature.
3.Depress the accelerator pedal and check the high idle speed.
4.If necessary adjust the speed to 24.50-2550 r/min. Fit an tamperproof seal as below.
Idle speed adjustments