Electrical System

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Volvo Bus Service and Maintenance Manual

 Drive belts and tensioner pulley
34 Check drive belts for scuffed edges, cracks on the inside and tension. Make sure they are not too deep on the pulley.
 Check the belt tensioner bearing for play.
 Check the function of the automatic belt tensioner.
 Starter system
35 Check the starter motor function.

Drive belts and tensioner pulley

Check for any bearing play in the belt tensioner by removing load with an appropriate tool.

The tension on replaced belts is checked manually. Correct tension is when the belts can be depressed 10 mm between pulleys.

Automatic belt tensioner
Automatic belt tensioner
Manual belt tensioner
Manual belt tensioner

Note: Always change both belts at the same time, even if only one is worn.

Worn pulleys can cause noise.

Starter motor

Crank the starter motor with the stop control pulled out. Starter motor speed should then be normal. Listen for any noise.

Feel if the cable connections, earth connections, etc., become warm. This indicates poor contact. Remedy.

The earth strap must be securely fixed in position and the control points on the starter motor and chassis must not be corroded.

Earth strap