Electrical System

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Volvo Bus Service and Maintenance Manual

36 Check that the air intake and ventilation openings are free from dirt and are undamaged. Listen to the alternator bearing for noise. Make sure the drain hole is clear and faces downwards (alternators 115A, 180A).
37 Make sure the alternator is properly mounted, has good ventilation and is not abnormally noisy.
Clean the alternator filter inlet when replacing the engine air filter.
 Electrical centre
38 Visual check.
 Exterior lighting
39 Check full beam and dipped beam alignment. If necessary, adjust. If required, clean the inside of the rear lamp glass.
 Wipers, horn, direction indicators, interior lights, headlamp washers and reflectors
40 Check according to the instructions in the "Daily inspection routine".

Alternators 80A, 115A, 120A, 180A

The alternator bearings should be lubricated sparingly every 80,000 km with a manual grease gun, see Service Manual, Section 3, Batteries and Alternators. An air-driven grease gun must not be used.

Alternator 80A

Check to make sure that the shunt is properly earthed. If not properly earthed, there is a danger that the shunt can burn and this in turn leads to the batteries being excess-charged.

Shunt for 80A alternator

Electrical centre

Visually check relays, connections and other items in the electrical centre and the battery box junction box for signs of overheating. The electrical connections must have good contact and for this reason must not be corroded. Remedy if necessary.

Aligning the headlights

Switch the headlights to dipped beam and check the right-hand top edges of the high-intensity zone on the screen. Switch the headlights to full beam and check the centre of the high-intensity zone on the screen.

Aim adjustment for dipped beam (L-H traffic)
Correct aim adjustment for dipped beam (L-H traffic)
aim adjustment for full beam
Correct aim adjustment for full beam
Note! Re-check the beam alignment whenever bellows height is adjusted.