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Volvo Bus Service and Maintenance Manual

Gear-change wire basic setting

A worn wire control is replaced and the new one basically set as follows:

The gear selector (1) should be placed one serration (one splines notch) angled rearwards on the selector shaft, see fig.

Gear-change wire basic setting

Lengthwise the gear lever position should be approx. 4-6° rear-angled. Adjustment is by means of the studs under the lever carrier or at the gear selector.

Gear lever position adjustment

If necessary adjust the gear lever position laterally, completely vertical, with the gear selector rod (2) on the gearbox.

Closing contact, splitter

(B10M up to chassis number 20000)

As the clutch wears, the distance between the closing contact and the adjusting screw on the clutch lever increases. When the distance has increased so far that the adjusting screw cannot reach the closing contact, and when the clutch pedal is depressed, there is no gear-change between the low-speed and the high-speed range.

If the clutch has to be adjusted, this should be done before setting the closing contact. Incorrect adjustment can cause the plate holding the contact to bend. With the new adjustment, the distance "C" between the closing contact and adjusting screw should be 14 mm. Adjustment should be carried out before the gap exceeds 17 mm.

Gear lever position adjustment
"C" New adjusted distance basic setting 14 mm: adjusted at 17 mm