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Volvo Bus Service and Maintenance Manual

47 (ZF and Voith automatic transmissions)
 Check function.
 Propeller shaft
48 Check the universal joints for wear. Make sure they are not loose. Turn and lift the slip joints and check the splines for wear.
 Rear axle suspension
49 Check the final drive ventilation.


Cautiously depress the brake pedal while driving and switch on/off the retarder at 3 second intervals. This check will show whether the retarder is functioning or not. Remedy if faulty.

Checkimg propellar shaft universal joints

Propeller shaft

Á light-metal lever can be used when checking the prop-shaft universal joints. The joints must not be loose. If carrier bearings are installed, the rubber in the retainers or the screws for the carrier should not be loose. Worn splines can cause imbalance.

Rear axle

If dirt deposits, paint, etc., show cracks this indicates loose bolting. If this is the case, tighten up.

Checkimg rear axle bolts

Differential lock indication

The differential lock indication is adjusted, after the differential lock has been engaged, by unscrewing the sender one or two turns. Connect a buzzer to the sender and screw in the sender until the buzzer sounds. Back the sender 1/2 turn and lock it in this position.