Brake System

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Volvo Bus Service and Maintenance Manual

 Parking brake/blocking valve
54 Check for proper application and release.
 Brake linings
55 Measure the thickness of the brake linings.
 Brake cylinder linkage system and brake pedal
 Check for wear on the link forks, clevis pins and split-pin locks. Check the brake pedal journalling.

Brake linings

Check the linings through the inspection holes in the brake backing plates. Use the measuring tool shown on page 9 when inspecting the brake linings.

Minimum thickness of standard linings is 7 mm; oversize lining minimum thickens is 9 mm.

Asbestos-free brake linings have a wear line which shows the minimum permitted thickness at which good braking function can still be obtained. If the linings are judged to be so worn that they cannot function properly, they should be replaced at the next servicing.

Checking brake pad wear

Brake pedal

Check the condition of the rubber pad on the pedal. Move the pedal from side to side to check the condition of the pedal bearing.

Wheel brakes B10M, B10R, wear limits

Wheel brakes
Front wheel
Wheel brakes
Rear wheel
Pos.Diametric clearanceWear limit, mm
1Fork-clevis pin - leverTotal 3 mm wear
Clevis pins, max. wear 0.40 mm on diameter
2Slack adjuster, between worm space and wormMax. 0.33 mm
3Anchor point bolt - bracket2 mm
Anchor point bolt, pin min. Ø 7.5 mm
4Outer bushing - brake cam2 mm
5Inner bushing - brake cam2 mm