Steering and Suspension

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Volvo Bus Service and Maintenance Manual

 Measuring wheel bearing clearance
73 Measure the wheel bearing clearance with a dial indicator
(applies only to greased hubs).
 Dual wheels bearing check
74 Raise the rear end, release the parking brake and check the wheel bearing clearance.
 Checking axle distance, bogie
75 (to be carried out only in connection with tyre wear)

Single wheel bearing clearance

Raise the front end when checking/adjusting wheel bearing clearance. Turn the wheel back and forth while alternately pushing-pulling it. Clearance should be 0.04-0.12 mm. Wheel removal is recommended in connection with adjustments since this makes it easier to establish the bearing clearance.

Checking single wheel bearing clearance

Dual wheels check

Check rear-wheel bearing clearance by prying the wheel up with a crow bar in one of the holes. If play is noticeable, the bearing should be adjusted. Clearance should be 0.04-0.12 mm.

Checking dual wheel bearing clearance

Bogie axle distance must not differ more than 1 mm between the right and left sides of the drive wheel hubs. The distance is adjusted with shims placed next to the rear attachment for the reaction rods.

Checking bogie axle distance