Steering and Suspension

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Volvo Bus Service and Maintenance Manual

81 Visually check the frame, crossmembers and body attachments for cracks, rust and loose bolts.
 Torque rods and reaction rods
82 All rubber journals must be tight.
 Anti-roll bar
83 Check rubber bushings.
 Shock absorbers
84 Check that shock absorbers and brackets are securely mounted.

Torque rods and reaction rods

Check the rubber bushings in anti-roll bar, torque rods and reaction rods using a jemmy bar.

Torque rods and reaction rods check

Anti-roll bar

If there are signs of wear on the anti-roll bar in the area of the rubber bushings, then probably these have started to rotate. If this is the case, the rubber bushings must be replaced.

Anti-roll bar check

Shock absorbers

A special test machine is required for a full and proper check on the condition of the shock absorbers. Unless the noise comes from the rubber bushings for the shock absorber attachments a noisy shock absorber can be said to be used up and should be replaced. Small oil leakage can be accepted, but not in a drop form.