Steering and Suspension

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Volvo Bus Service and Maintenance Manual

 Turntable (artic bus)
85 Check the turntable frame parts attachment joints, rubber stops, hoses, etc. from inside the bus or from underneath with the articulated section open.
 Air suspension bellows
86 Check the air bellows for damage.
87 Check-measure the bellows height.

Artic bus

Vacuum the inside of the articulated section. Apply a thin coat of Molycote BR 2 to the side carriers and turntable slides.

Arctic bus turntable

Air suspension bellows

The surfaces down which the bellows roll with load on the suspension must be clean and free from sand. Listen for any whistling sounds (indicates air leakage) or manually examine the outside of the bellows. Replace leaking air bellows.

Checking the bellows height

Position the bus on a flat surface and check that all tyres have correct air pressure and that the compressed-air system is fully charged.

Then measure the bellows height, distance X, between the attachment plates, see table below. If the bellows height needs adjusting, refer to Service Manual, Section 7, Frame, Suspension and Wheels.

It is important that all air bellows maintain the same height. If they do not, this will have a negative effect on the driving condition and will increase tyre wear.

Suspension bellow height

Bellows height X (mm)

Bus type
(chassis no.)
Front axle
(also trailer unit axle 8.0)
Rear axle
(also bogie and trailer unit axle 10.5)
B10M (-20,000)249±32492±3
B10M (20,001-)2391±32492±3

Type "KNG" (kneeling) with recesses in frame for upper bellows plate, bellows height X = 279±3 mm.

Note that the "T-KNG" type, without frame recesses at the air bellows, has the same bellows height as the non-kneeling type, that is 239±3 mm. One of the rear axle's four bellows is allowed to deviate ±8 mm.