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Volvo Bus Service and Maintenance Manual

91 Check the sub-frame for rustproofing damage, corrosion and broken parts, especially in critical areas, see fig below.
92 If engine and transmission are encapsulated, check the sound insulation, etc.
 Outer shell
93 Walk around the bus and note any loose mudflaps, strips, bumpers, etc. Check the luggage compartment lids to make sure the dampers are keeping them closed.


The chassis must be properly cleaned before a detailed check can be carried out. Normally the chassis and under-body should be thoroughly washed at least once a year. After washing and drying, check the rustproofing. Sections with inadequate rustproofing should be treated with rust-proofing. If rust damage is observed, remove any plastic plugs in order to retreat the inside with a rustproofing agent.

Repair or replace damaged parts.

Paint damage should be remedied at the first servicing opportunity.

Towing device

Check the tow hitch attachment and condition.

Under bus chassis check