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Volvo Bus Service and Maintenance Manual

 Bellows (antic bus)
94 Check the outside of the bellows for damage.
95 Check door function - grab bars, any photocell automatic mechanism, etc.
96 Check attachments, ball joints, guides and door seals for correct installation and operation.
97 Check that the doors can be easily opened after the respective emergency valve has been activated.


Check the condition of the closing buckles underneath the bellows.

Inspect the stretchers that prevent the bellows-bottom from bagging.

Check the link arm connection to the portal bow.

Arctic bellows check


The door seals must compress when the front and rear doors close. Otherwise the carrier stay for the respective door must be adjusted. The doors should be flush with the side of the body.

It must be possible to press open the doors approx. 5 seconds after the emergency valve has been activated.

After the emergency valve has been reset to the operating position, the door should move to the open position.

Check the devices for holding doors securely in the closed position.

Double swing doors
Double swing doors