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Volvo Bus Service and Maintenance Manual

 Lubricating doors
98 Follow the instructions below.
 Door system
99 Check all pressure lines for leaks.
 Door opening and closing speed
100 Check that the doors open and close at moderate speed and that the door speed slows as doors reach fully closed or fully open position.


Normal type city bus door

Lubricate sparingly with SAE 90 oil the guide curves in the turning mechanism and the door cylinder plunger rod. Remove any surplus oil. Usually the carrier stay ball joints are maintenance-free, otherwise the joints are lubricated with grease.

Normal type tourist coach door

Very often door suspension and the ball-link bol?s are entirely maintenance-free. If fitted, grease nipples are to be greased.

If the mechanical part of the door spindle has a grease container, it should be filled with grease. Use a hand grer se gun and a molybdenum-based high-temperature grease. 3-4 strokes are sufficient.

If the door hinges have nipples, for example, a separate driver's door, this should also be greased.

The sealing strips around doors and door openings should be lubricated with silicone. On buses with lockable doors and lids, the locks should also be lubricated.

Door opening and closing speed

It should take up to about 3 seconds for the doors to open or close. If opening or closing takes longer than 5 seconds, the vent constriction valve must be cleaned or, if the bus has an adjustable opening and closing speed for the doors, the door speed should be readjusted.

Note: For doors where the door mechanism lifts the door into the locked position as the door approaches the fully closed position, it is particularly important that the damping is correctly adjusted to that when the door approaches the closed position it goes into and remains in the locked position.