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Volvo Bus Service and Maintenance Manual

 Pull-out entrance step
103 Check function. If necessary inspect suspension.
 Roof hatches
104 Check the roof hatches and vents (if fitted). Make sure they open and close properly. Check for damaged seals and water leaks.
 Luggage compartment lids
105 Check suspension, damping cylinders and hold devices.
 Windscreen, windows
106 Check the windscreen and all windows for cracks, sharp edges, etc. Make sure the windows are not loose. Check that the slide window next to the driver can be opened and closed.

Door switches
Roof hatch
Door cylinder
Pull-out enterance step
Door cylinder
Luggage compartment lids


Where damage to the outer glass layer has penetrated to the laminate and if this is within the dri'ver's normal field of vision, the windscreen should be replaced.

It is possible to repair minor windscreen damage by means of a special repair fluid, after air has been sucked from the damaged part. The repair fluid is then hardened by means of a special UV-lamp.