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Volvo Bus Service and Maintenance Manual

 Driver's seat
107 Check the mount and adjustment positions. Lubricate the slide rails and pivot points with dry lubricant. Check the seat padding material and upholstery.
108 Check that the driver's and, if fitted, the guide's seat belts work and are firmly anchored.
 Passengers' seats
109 Check suspension, damping cylinders and hold devices.
 Visually check that the seats are securely anchored. Also check that the seats are clean and undamaged.
 Floor and floor panels
110 Check the floor and floor panels for defects that could cause injury.

Driver's seat
Driver's seat

Seat belts and seats

The seat belts, belt anchorages and lock function must be without fault. The belts must not scuff against abrasive edges.

The seats are cleaned when necessary with soapy water or a detergent. Listed below are some examples of stain removers:

-Ammonia solution; 1 teaspoon ammonia is mixed with 3 dl water.
 1 dl (decilitre) = 100ml
-Ammonia-soapy solution; mix the above solution with 1 dl soapy water.
-Perchloroethylene-petrol (chemically pure petrol); do not use this solution on wet materials. Allow the solution to evaporate before washing with water.
-Methylated spirits - White spirit
-For vinyl use an appropriate vinyl cleaner.

WARNING! The fumes from, e.g., perchloroethylene are toxic and dangerous to inhale. Make sure there is good ventilation and always follow the instructions and safety precautions of the manufacturers.

Passenger's seats
Passenger's seats