Volvo Service Bulletin 5-56-51

Product Section Group No. Date Title
B 5 56 51 06.85 Components of the Compressed Air Braking System for a Three-Axle B10M
1Air compressor
2Pressure regulator
3oil filter gap (only brake early. Fin)
4Air dryer
5Draining tank
6overpressure valve
7External fill port for compressed air
8Drain valves
9Four circuit protection valve
10Double-reservoir air tank. A circular container, the parking brake for air As pie container, FRONT. Service brake circuit
11Pressure safety valve
12Kick plate brake valve
13Compressed air manometer, for front and rear brake circuits
14Low-pressure indicator (installed in the compressed air manometer)
15Quick-release valve, FRONT. Service brake circuit
16Brake cylinder, FRONT. Service brake circuit
17Air reservoir, hint. Service brake circuit
18Brake light switch
19spring, hint. Service brake and parking brake
20Check valve blocks, reservoir for releasing the parking brake with externally supplied air
21Filler, externally supplied air to release the lock-u.hint.Betriebsbremse
22Stand safety valve, parking brake circuit
23Hand brake valve
24Low-pressure indicator, parking brake circuit
25Spring-loaded brake cylinder, trailing axle
26Relay valve with built-in two-way valve for parking brake, prevents simultaneous actuation of the parking-u.hint.Betriebsbremse
27Valve (lastabhangiges valve) for hint.Betriebsbremse; with integrated 2-way between the center of gravity Umsteuerfunktion pages
Air braking system diagram for a Volvo B10M Mk I Bogie (tag axle) bus
Air braking system diagram for a Volvo B10M Mk I Bogie (tag axle) bus