Volvo Service Bulletin 7-72-07

Product Section Group No. Date Title
B 7 72 7 06.81 Centre pin for air spring piston, B10M, B10R

New centre pin for air spring piston, B10M, B10R

To facilitate adaptation of front with rear end after the bus has been on stands under the main frame or if the frame has been lifted in connection with towing, the centre pin for the air spring piston has been extended and given a pointed shape so that it can glide into position more easily. With the earlier type there was great risk of the centre pin ending up at an angle and this ruined the air spring piston. This risk is eliminated with the new centre pin.

Air spring pistons with centre pin of the old or new type are fully inter-changeable from stock.

Volvo B58, B10M Mk I (LUF), testing level valve Air spring piston with new type centre pin

A corresponding modification can also be made on early prod. air spring pistons by making a centre pin from nodular iron. The centre pin point is machined according to the sketch overleaf and welded to the existing centre pin.

Volvo B58, B10M Mk I shorter lever for 367925-5 Centre pin, dimensions sketch