Volvo Service Bulletin 7-72-08

Product Section Group No. Date Title
B 7 72 8 06.82 Level Valve B58, B10M (LUF)

Shorter lever when testing level valve in fixture

Volvo B58, B10M Mk I (LUF), testing level valve

When testing and adjusting the level valve for the air suspension on the B58 and B10M, the lever (length 180 mm) must be replaced by a shorter one, length
140 mm, P/N 367925-5 (B59, B10R), so that it agrees with the measurement for the fixture given in the Section 7 Service Manual.

The lever can also be made of 20x3 mm flat iron according to the sketch below.

Volvo B58, B10M Mk I shorter lever for 367925-5